The caves of the Lasithi plateau are one of the most important poles of attraction of the Lassithi plateau. Their reputation is due both to their incredible natural beauty and to their archaeological significance.

Mountain climbing

The mountain belt of the Lassithi Plateau, through which the European path E4 passes, consists of a series of more than 20 alps, the height of which starts at 1163 m. Alp Louloudaki has a height of 2148 meters! Among these alps, there are small fertile valleys and smaller plateaus such as Limnakaros, Katharo, and Nisimos.

Observation of birds and wildlife

The visitor can enjoy a gentle hiking in the area and be impressed by the 14 species of wild orchid, aromatic and medicinal herbs, such as diktamo, but also many other rare plants and trees, such as the vineyard. There are many national trails, such as the Minoan trail.

Participation in agricultural work

Another place of interest is the old cultivations that are still being revived today.

Monasteries and chapels

The Vizian Monastery and the Kroustalenia Monastery exhibit unparalleled natural wealth and incredible historical data.


On a plateau with 25.000 square meters of flat land, there is no better destination for a bicycle ride in nature.

Local cuisine

The locals have always had a slight independence from the grocery. The local cuisine is based on family production as well as on the gathering of wild herbs. The visitor can initiate in this philosophy and participate in the process of collecting, preparing and cooking the food. He can also see the whole process of the brewed bread, starting from the field with the sprats, from the carving and the polishing, from the milling and of course the kneading and baking in an authentic wood oven.


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Soap seminar

Demonstration of soap-making

  • Brief history and basic chemistry of soap-making
  • Introduction of materials, ingredients, equipment
  • Safety measures
  • Use of supplementary oils
  • Use of additives (herbals, seeds, powders, clays, etc.)
  • Mixing of essential oils
  • Mixing, cutting and storing soaps

Duration: 1.5 hours