Just a short distance from Vasilikata, there is the village of Agios Georgios with its two settlements. Kato Chorio or Agios Georgios with the church of the same name and Pano Chorio or Plathianos with the church of Agios Dimitrios were two separate villages until 1920.

According to the tradition, Agios Georgios is one of the newer villages of Lassithi, built after the finding of the icon of the Saint in the place where the homonymous church exists today. The two settlements of the village were created by the Cretan cultivators who settled there to cultivate the area, after the shares that the Venetians gave them.

Saint George is the birthplace of great people of resistance, literature and the arts, culture and sciences. Among them is General Chatzis Ioannis Kleisarhakis and the centrist Dimitris Plevris (or Plevrakis).

Nowadays, the village has a kindergarten and elementary school, a public library and hotels, while the Cultural and Folklore Association of Lassithi Oropedia (ELSOL) founded and maintains the Agios Georgios Museum, which tells the history of the area.